Here we go…

Hello old friends, new friends, and those simply passing through…

Welcome to the introductory post of my blog. Here I hope to provide interested parties with some insights into my perspectives and the approach I apply in working with organizations to reach a healthier state of being.

The truth is, I’ve long resisted pressures to start a blog as I’ve always felt that so much of what I do is completely dependent upon context. Too often, individuals and organizations seek the ‘Solution Du Jour’ — the easy answer or the silver bullet — and far too many bloggers serve up content in a manner that suggests they hold what is being sought. I regularly encounter clients and individuals who struggle to make sense of the noise and navigate the sea of opinions stated as absolutes. In an effort to counter this, I will do my best to approach my entries in a manner that respects and exposes the contextual nature of my work and the world around us all.

Please, question everything you find here and elsewhere… You owe it to yourself and those around you, as absolutely nothing is absolute.

I hope you find this and future posts to be of value. I look forward to your feedback and contributions.

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